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Beeswax Wraps

We might be sounding a little repetitive now, but we are really trying to reduce our use of plastic, and know that our friends want to too. It's hard to fit alternative choices in to our everyday busy lives, and we can't afford for every green choice to cost three times more. So we obviously need an easy, affordable solution to that blasted cling wrap that suffocates both food and fish! Beeswax wraps aren't new, but they're still awesome, and I'm super grateful Jen has invested her time and energy in to perfecting the art of making them, and for partnering her skills with us. Let's choose to remove cling wrap from our schools.

Ecowraps are NZ made food wraps, made from cotton, beeswax and pine resin. They can be used in the lunch box and fridge to replace plastic cling wraps - simply wrap the items as usual and make sure the children bring them home so you can reuse them. Ecowraps come in unisex colours and patterns, and will have care instructions included to prolong their life. We offer Lunch Packs, made up of of 2x  'snack sized' 17 x 17cm, and 1x 'sandwich sized' 27 x 27cm wrap.

Each lunch pack sells for $15.  Your group makes $3 from the sale of every pack.

Beeswax Wraps Group Fundraiser
Premium Eco Wraps via Shop & Donate


Reusable Coffee Cups

Firstly, because coffee.
Then equally, because we dump around 100-200 million disposable cups in New Zealand each year (or even more, see here), and MOST of those cups are not recycled, even if you're putting them in your recycle bin. Takeaway coffee cups need to hold hot liquid without falling apart, so they are usually lined with a type of plastic, and we lack the recycling facilities to deal that kind of plastic coated paper.

On our office we drink our fair share of coffee, both sitting and on the go. We've also all tried many many different reusable cups - metal, plastic, hybrids, bamboo... and like you, we found that most have silicon or annoying lids that go floppy in the heat, spill, change the coffee taste, or make me dribble (I can't be the only one, but will say 'I' instead of 'we' here).

We have chosen to offer CuppaCoffeeCup cups because they're GOOD. Your coffee will still taste like coffee, the cups are durable, and we'd challenge you to find a better looking cup anywhere!
~ 12oz, or a perfect coffee cup size
~ Made from food-grade polypropylene and BPA free
~ Made in New Zealand
~ Each cup is an art piece, showcasing clever kiwi artists
~ You can choose which designs to use, OR
   CUSTOMISE your coffee cup design. Run a design competition within your school to get a unique fundraising cup!
   *300 minimum order for custom designs

Each cup pack sells for $16.50.  Your group makes $4.00 from the sale of every cup

Medi Buddy First Aid Kits

Every home has a first aid kit. You've probably got a big one at home, and a smaller one in your glovebox, handbag, day and travel bag. We've been using refillable Medi Buddy Kits for for nearly ten years ourselves- the same ones in fact, because they last that long! The shells are TOUGH. They won't fall open and scatter pieces through the car, and you won't have to wrestle with a zip while calming the bleeding child. They're also bold, bright and well contoured - you'll find it whether you're searching with eyes or hands! Practical, reusable and attractive. Our kind of sustainable resource.
Medi Buddy Kits are imported exclusively for Sustainable Fundraising. 

The Medi Buddy is a convenient take-anywhere first aid kit, packed with 40 quality first aid items to start you off.  It's designed & manufactured by a family business in the USA, and customised for us with a natural wound care ointment*.  All the first aid items inside are latex free.  The buddy come with zoo designed band-aids, knee/elbow bandage, ointment*, gauze pads, burn relief cream, antiseptic cleansing wipes, sting relief cream and our own childrens' favourite, the stickers! 
*Wound care replaces the listed triple antibiotic ointment 

Each kit sells for $12.50.  Your group makes $4.75 from every kit sale.

Medi Buddy Kit Group Fundraiser
Medi Buddy Kit via Shop & Donate


Produce Bags

Single use plastic bags are destroying life in our oceans and wild. They take forever to break down, and in the meantime their unwanted presence in natural environments endanger and kill wildlife, and attack the global ecosystem.  Many cities and countries are implementing single use plastic bans, in an effort to slow down the rate of damage. Here we are choosing a plastic bag free life until they're banned in New Zealand too.
Here's a neat site from our friends across the Tasman, if you want some to start your research on plastic waste

Our produce bags are reusable, made in NZ from strong and lightweight polyester tulle, and are quick to dry so you can wash produce directly in the bags then store in the fridge or pantry. They are made in Christchurch by The Rubbish Whisperer, who supports a beautiful local working economy too
Packaged in paper - no plastic wrapping!

5 produce bags in each pack.
Weight is only 9 grams, so it won't add costly weight at the till.
Can hold up to a mighty 1.5 kg.
1% of sales is donated to local conservation projects.

Each pack of 5 produce bags sells for $20.  Your group makes $5 from every bag sale.

Produce Bags Group Fundraiser
Product Bags via Shop & Donate


Seed Bombs

If you like food, you'll appreciate bees! They're responsible for pollinating about a third of our food - and that food is all full of good nutrients.  Where would be be without them!?  In some parts of the world, they've had to face that question, with a 'disappearing' bee population, and we'd really like to make sure that doesn't happen here!   So we made friends with Cathy and her team, to offer super-easy-to-grow wildflower seed bombs as a fundraiser. They're hand crafted in NZ, with seeds specifically suited to our climate and bees. 
If you find bee facts interesting, these links will open in new tabs:  Wikipedia: Colony Collapse Disorder Science abc: Would bee extinction mean the end of humanity?   Greenpeace: But why?   Sweet Tree Honey: What can we do?

Packaged in a reusable organic muslin cloth bag (NO PLASTIC!), there are 6 large seed bombs in each pack.
Lob it, Toss it, Plant it......  then just let it do it's magic! Seed Bombs attract bees, provides a habitat for pollinators and adds colour to any garden.  You don't need to "plant" seed bombs - they are beautifully designed to break up in the rain and already contain all the nutrients and organic material needed to support germination and success of the plants.  Just "throw and grow". 
Bee Blend:  Cornflower, Echium, Phacelia, Poppy, Red Clover, Rudbeckia, Salvia, Thyme.

Each bag of six bombs sells for $16.  Your group makes $5 from every bag sale.

Seed Bombs Group Fundraiser
Seed Bombs via Shop & Donate


Steel Straws

Plastic constitutes approximately 90 percent of all trash floating on the ocean's surface and plastic straws are a wasteful addition. Plastic straws take 1 minute to make, for 10 minutes of use, then slowly decompose over 100+ years. Let that sink in. We know plastic straws are on their way out now - there are community driven campaigns and petitions to ban them all over the world, websites and facebook pages to choose fish over plastic... and now fundraising! Let's all choose this.  Stainless steel straws are a simple and effective way to replace wasteful single-use straws that glut our landfills & trash our oceans.

Our Ake Ake straws are made from premium 18/8 food grade stainless steel, they comply with FDA and Prop 65 standards, are 100% BPA free, lead-free, PVC-free & phthalate-free AND dishwasher safe.  Bonus, they're are also resistant to bacteria, rust and oxidation. The straws measure around 22 cm long and are 0.6 cm in diameter.  They'll fit nicely in in your cutlery tray, but look way cooler in a jar on the bench.  Use them at home, take them to your local café (unless you're in Wellington, go you good things!), or take with you on the go – they are easy to clean and unbreakable.  It is a good idea to watch your young children using them (besides teeth safety, they tend to get re-purposed all through our house and garden otherwise)! 

We've packaged our straw packs in a handy cotton drawstring carry bag. They are designed to make carrying straws around easy. Pop it in your handbag or glovebox, put dirty straws back in the carry bag after use, then dump them together in a sink of warm soapy water to wash when you get home. 

There are options to suit any size family!
A four pack sells for $10 and your group makes $3 from every sale

Steel Straws Group Fundraiser
Single Straws Fundraiser via Shop & Donate

Coconut Bowls


Sourced from discarded shells in Cambodia our Fair Trade bowls reduce landfill contribution, repurpose a product otherwise left for waste, and offer fair employment opportunities.  As coconut shell is a natural material, they can be used for all kinds of hot or cold food or non-food items.  There is beautiful and noticeable natural variations between each bowl, in the contours, patterns, sizes and shapes.  Each is individually hand sanded with no extra coating applied - hand washing is recommended to help retain the natural beauty of the shell.

Each one is approx 12-14cm in diameter and weighs approx 150g

Each pair of bowls sells for $25.  Your group makes $5 from every sale.

Coconut Bowls Group Fundraiser

Bamboo Toothbrushes

Every time we choose a sustainable material over plastic, we choose life!  Millions of living creatures are part of a natural world that will have a better future without plastic.  And around 3.5 billion toothbrushes are sold each year...  so if we have to start somewhere, why not let the humble little toothbrush make a difference to this gigantic problem!?  They're used every day, in every home.  Let's choose to replace plastic toothbrushes with kinder ones. 

Bamboo itself is a natural cellulose fibre, both biodegradable and environmentally friendly.  It's an amazingly fast growing plant that uses no pesticides or chemical fertilisers to grow, and hardly any water.  It's also in abundant supply and has self-renewing properties which will help avoid further deforestation. Some light bamboo reading: Econation: Bamboo facts    TheGreenHub on bamboo fabric (different to toothbrushes)  

We sell twin and family packs of environmentally friendly Ake Ake bamboo toothbrushes, in child and adult sizes.  They all have a 100% bamboo handle, and soft nylon bristles enhanced with charcoal (non-recyclable bristles, but we just couldn't do the pig hair option).  At the end of its useful life, we recycle the handle and put the bristles in the bin.  The handle is naturally antibacterial, while the charcoal infused bristles are said to be naturally effective at fighting plaque and can help whiten teeth by absorbing tannins – compounds found in coffee, tea and wine.

A family pack of four brushes sells for $12. Your group makes $5.00 from every sale.

Bamboo Toothrbrush group fundraiser
Single Adult or Child Toothbrushes via Shop & Donate

Luxi Buff Bar Soaps

"Pai ki a koe, Pai ki te Ao katoa" 
Good for you, good for our world.

An everyday product in our homes, many body wash and soap products are made with tiny little particles and synthetic ingredients that can harm our waterways and bodies. Gina at Luxi Buff is all about natural, preservative free, good for you soaps and beauty products made from organic and palm free oils, butters and essential oils. All ingredients used are naturally and ethically sourced. There are NO preservatives, NO phthalates, sulphates, NO palm oil and all products are cruelty free, tested only on the willing family. All the Luxi Buff soaps we are offering have antibacterial properties, are lightly scented with essential oils and coloured with natural clays.

For our campaigns we will be offering a pack of three beautiful especially crafted soaps from Luxi Buff

  • Peppermint and calendula
  • Lemon and camomile 
  • Himalayan salt topped lavender

Our pack of three sells for $20  Your group makes $5.00 from every sale.

Luxi Buff Soap Sets group fundraiser
Single Soaps via Shop & Donate



Nominated groups still receive the fundraising profits from each product purchases. 

Earthical Boutique Soap Bars

Zabeena at Earthical makes unique, wholesome body cleaning products that nourish us, and look and smell divine. All the products are designed with creative deliberacy, and packaged with care. 

For our campaigns we will be offering a pack of three beautiful soaps from Earthical's collection:

  • Goat Milk Soap, with a calendula infusion
  • Citrus Scrub Soap, with ground almond
  • Kashmiri Lavender Soap, with alkanet swirls

Each bar sells for $12.50. Your group makes $2 of every bar sale.
Each soap has a retail value of $13.50, so you save when you shop with us and support Zabeena, us, and your fundraiser!

Single Bar Soaps via Shop & Donate

Natural Deodorants

Deodorant is a bathroom staple. We've made our own and tried all we can find in stores too. We've chosen to partner with Little Mango because these deodorants WORK, smell nice, are NZ made (we've met them in person, bonus!), cruelty free and packaged with eco care. 

The Little Mango range has been specially crafted to transform the everyday, mundane beauty routine into a luxurious, everyday treat. Each of our products use the most divine plant-based ingredients, designed to nourish you naturally.


100% natural: Made with pure, natural ingredients so you don't have to worry about what you put on your skin.
Vegan + cruelty-free: Every effort is made to make these products vegan. They don't test on animals and never will.
Low-waste: Little Mango it dedicated to looking after our planet, so all product packaging is recyclable or compostable. 

The scents we have available are:
~ Vanilla + frankincense
~ Rose + geranium
~ Citrus + cedarwood
~ Baking soda free

Sold individually via Shop & Donate. If you're interested in including this product in a group campaign do let us know. 
60g jar sells for $17.90.  Your group makes 20% ($3.60) of every sale.

Little Mango Deodorant Fundraiser via Shop & Donate

Kawakawa Balm

Kawakawa leaves are naturally rich in anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Prepared as a soothing balm, this is a perfect addition to the first aid kit, glove box or handbag. Suitable for use on dry or irritated skin, insect bites, minor burns, sores and nappy rash.


Heal Waiheke's Kawakawa Balm is made with all certified organic ingredients and crafted on Waiheke Island with love. The kawakawa leaves for this balm are appropriately harvested, infused and prepared with beeswax, cocoa butter, olive oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E oil and lavender oil.

Sold individually via Shop & Donate
30g jar sells for $17.90.  Your group makes 20% ($3.60) of every sale.

Waiheke Heal Kawakawa Balm Fundraiser via Shop & Donate

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