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Luxi Buff Artisan Bar Soap

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Luxi Buff Handcrafted Artisan Bar Soap

"Pai ki a koe, Pai ki te Ao katoa"
Good for you, good for our world.

An everyday product in our homes, many body wash and soap products are made with tiny little particles and synthetic ingredients that can harm our waterways and bodies. Gina at Luxi Buff is all about natural, preservative free, good for you soaps and beauty products made from organic and palm free oils, butters and essential oils. All ingredients used are naturally and ethically sourced. There are NO preservatives, NO phthalates, sulphates, NO palm oil and all products are cruelty free, tested only on the willing family. All the Luxi Buff soaps we are offering have antibacterial properties, are lightly scented with essential oils, coloured with natural clays, and minimally packaged. 

For our campaigns we will be offering a pack of three beautifully crafted soaps from Luxi Buff:

Peppermint and calendula
Lemon and camomile
Lavender and himalayan rock salt

Individual soaps are available for $8 here and $1 is donated to your nominated school or group. 

The pack of three sells for $20. Your group makes $5.00 from every sale.
If you are supporting a group with their organised Sustainable Fundraising Campaign you buy the pack of three soaps by clicking here (will open another tab)


Ingredients and Care Details

Luxi Buff soaps are high quality, cold processed soap

The BEST soap for your skin and our planet is a handmade, organic, all natural cold process soap bar. Cold process soap has the ability to create incredible lather to allow a truly luxurious bathing sensation. 

All soap is not created equal! You have store bought bars which include a lot of artificial ingredients which can irritate your skin, melt and pour soaps made from glycerin which can be pretty but are still not best for your skin. There are hot process soaps which use natural ingredients but as they are heated up a lot of the goodness is lost. Then there are cold process soaps. These are the best as the integrity of the ingredients is better preserved over the 4-6 week cure time. 

My Vegan cold process soaps are made with all-natural ingredients like plant oils and butters which create a creamy lather for deep moisturization that penetrate deep into the skin to help minimize dry itchy skin. This cold process method also ensures these natural ingredients and their benefits are better preserved. These simple ingredients include Lye which may sound scary since it is a caustic ingredient that is used in some cleaning products. However when lye is combined with oils or fats, it goes through a process called saponification. This is a completely natural process and when it is complete there is no longer lye or oil, just real cold process soap! Glycerine is also produced during the saponification (soap-making) process. Glycerine attracts moisture to skin and acts an emollient, making skin moist, soft and supple.
Always remember your skin is the biggest organ of your body and it is porous, it is not a real barrier and it will absorb what you put on it. The cold process is an environmental-friendly soap making process which allows for a 100% biodegradable soap.

So do yourself and your world a big favor and start using REAL soap.

Care of Product
Due to the high content of butters and oils, if cold process soap is left in a puddle of water in your shower or near your sink, it will certainly get mushy and shorten your usage of the soap. To avoid this, be sure to place your soap in a draining soap dish or shower rack.

To Use 
Massage into your body to create a long lasting luxury moisturising lather. Rinse clean.

Saponified *Rice Bran Oil *Sunflower Oil *Olive Oil *Organic Coconut Oil *Castor Oil *Cocoa Butter *Shea Butter *Clay *Essential Oil

NO Palm Oil. NO preservatives. NO sulphates. Cruelty FREE.

Rice Bran Oil is full of health benefits, such as vitamin E, zinc, proteins, and potassium. It has a lighter texture and absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy feeling.
Sunflower Oil has emollient properties that help the skin retain its moisture.
Olive Oil is incredibly gentle and moisturizing, without making your skin oily
Coconut Oil cleanses well without drying and is also antibacterial
Castor Oil contributes to large bubbles and is known for its cleansing properties
Cocoa Butter prevents skin dryness and peeling as it is an emollient and holds in moisture.
Shea Butter has high concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins so is great for softening skin. It also has anti inflammatory and healing properties
Clay detoxifies the skin, helps balance the skin’s pH, oxygenates the skin and helps maintain the skin’s natural moisture. It also produces an exceptional lather and clay soaps have a longer shelf and shower life
Essential Oils in soap other than just making it smell great, also provide many health benefits including nourishing, refreshing, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.


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