Sustainable Fundraising provides eco-friendly items that you can use to raise funds for your school or organisation.  There are a few ways you can fundraise with these popular items, via campaigns or events.

Order Form method:  Each participant takes home information and an order form, and collects orders and money. You collate the orders at the end of the campaign, then let us know the quantities. Two weeks later, your order will be delivered directly to your school.  See our step by step guide for more details on the process, or scroll down to the bottom of this page to access the editable letter templates.

Take Home Method: Each fundraising participant takes home a carry bag of chosen products. They sell the items in that bag, and return the money to the school or group. This method requires purchasing items beforehand, and you can return unsold items after the campaign has ended.

Online Ordering method:  You can run a Fundraising Campaign online only, only offline, or a mix of both.  Once you have registered with us, your families can purchase directly from our store, and nominate your school/group to receive the fundraising profit amount.  This applies for every item purchased at our 'Shop & Donate' store, all the time. Use the content of the editable letter templates for your emails.

Stall/Display Method:  Sustainable Fundraising products make wonderful stall items - they are bright, cheerful and easy to take home and put to use. We've been doing event based fundraising for years and know that you need easy products and a simple process. This is as simple as it gets - set up a sustainable fundraising stand at your next school event, purchase what you think you will sell, and return any unsold items afterwards for a refund.

There's heaps more info on our FAQ page that we hope will answer all the questions we're sure you have
or see our Campaign Products List or Campaign Templates. 


First, Register your campaign here.

Order Form Method
- Find your letter and order form templates on the Campaign Templates page
- Download the campaign letters for the product you have chosen (docx files)
- Edit the NAME, DATE, PURPOSE and any other details to suit.
- Distribute the letters to your connected families, by post or email.

For every product we have downloadable word docs letters:
- Heads Up:  Send out one week prior, to let everyone know you're going to run a Sustainable Fundraiser!
- Kick Off:  Product information and order forms, sent at the start.
- Wrapping Up:  Encourage and remind families of the due dates. This is sent 1-3 weeks in, depending on the campaign duration.
- Thank you:  A thank you letter to families, sent at the end, maybe even with their deliveries!

Multi Product Campaigns 
In our years of fundraising (and being parents) we know that most families have limited funds to contribute to fundraising in any term. So it's better to offer fewer products at a time, more regularly, to keep it economically manageable for families, and allow them to add to their sustainable resources over time. We also know fundraising coordination can be a hard task, so hopefully we make it all easier for you to run campaigns regularly!
So we suggest that you offer one or two products at a time, and run two or three campaigns a year. But you can do any or all, and we do offer a one-sheet order form for all products.