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Cool it Buddy

Cool It Buddy - Reusable Soft cloth reusable ice pack . Non-toxic & BPA- free . Modern colour pallet . Hand painted animal designs . Inspiring background words for kids . Flexible in freezing temperatures Hypo-allergenic cold pack is soft to...
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Luxi Buff Artisan Bar Soap

Luxi Buff Handcrafted Artisan Bar Soap "Pai ki a koe, Pai ki te Ao katoa" Good for you, good for our world. An everyday product in our homes, many body wash and soap products are made with tiny little particles and synthetic ingredients that can harm...

Ake Ake Bamboo Toothbrushes

$4.90 - $8.00
Every time we choose a sustainable material over plastic, we choose life! Around 3.5 billion toothbrushes are sold each year... so if we have to start somewhere, why not let the humble little toothbrush make a difference to this gigantic problem!?...

Beeswax Food Wrap

Reduce food storage waste by using Eco wraps. Made locally from cotton, beeswax and pine resin, these wraps last up to a year with proper care. You will never have to buy cling wrap again! In our sustainable pursuits, we obviously need an...

AkeAke Steel Straws - Single, a pair or sets!

$3.00 - $12.50
Plastic straws cause unnecessary plastic waste and are damaging our ecosystem. Don’t buy them anymore! They are made from petroleum plasticsdesigned to last forever,only used once, and take forever to break down. DETAILSOur metal straws are non...

Reusable Coffee Cups

$15.00 - $16.50
It is estimated that 100-200 million disposable cups are used each year in New Zealand (or even more, see here), and MOST of those cups are not recycled in New Zealand, even if you're putting them in your recycle bin.  Takeaway coffee cups need to...

MediBuddy First Aid Kit

Medi Buddy First Aid Fundraising Kit Get in quick x12 left, we found one last box!! We are expecting to be restocked late in the first Term of 2021 after experiencing significant delays.  Thanks for your patience as these are an awesome...

Seed Bombs

Save the disappearing bee population with these super-easy-to-grow wildflower seed bombs.  Perhaps you want to support an eco-habitat for bees, butterflies or ladybugs... or it could just be that time to add colour and activity to quiet patches, or...