Sustainable Fundraising provides eco-friendly items that you can use to raise funds for your school or organisation. 
There are a few ways you can fundraise with these popular items, via campaigns or events. 
Visit our Campaign Products Page here for information all the current campaign products we offer.

Order Form method:  Each participant takes home information and an order form, and collects orders and money. You collate the orders at the end of the campaign, then let us know the quantities required for every product - you will be responsible for all money collection and handling.  Within two weeks, your order will be delivered directly to your school, for you to distribute to families. 

For Order Form campaigns, we will invoice you for the total, plus shipping, due before delivery.
See our frequently asked questions for more details on the process.

Online Ordering method:  The most sustainable, and the most popular fundraising campaign method is online. You can run a Fundraising Campaign online only, or with Order Forms.  Once you have registered with us, your families can purchase directly from our store, and nominate your school/group to receive the fundraising profit.  This applies for every item purchased at our 'Shop & Donate' store,, all the time. 

During your campaign, shoppers can use a custom discount code, for free shipping to the school/group. 

At the end of the campaign, we will provide you with a list of all the online orders taken during your campaign. We add these to your order form totals, if applicable. You will be invoiced for all the purchased items, shipping, and online processing fees. Payment is due before we deliver two weeks later. 

Once we deliver, you will be responsible for distributing the orders to your families, unless you make prior arrangements with us. 

Online Payment Processing Charges: We charge 3.7% of ALL online orders taken by to cover the processing fees we pay. This fee will be included in your invoice, deducted from your fundraising profits. We are investigating a user-pays system, and are open to other ideas if you have them!

Stall/Display Method:  Sustainable Fundraising products make wonderful stall items - they are bright, cheerful and easy to take home and put to use. We've been doing event based fundraising for years and know that you need easy products and a simple process. This is as simple as it gets - set up a sustainable fundraising stand at your next school event, purchase what you think you will sell, and return any unsold items afterwards for a refund.

Take Home Method: 
Each fundraising participant takes home a carry bag of chosen products. They sell the items in that bag, and return the money to the school or group. This method requires purchasing items beforehand, and you can return unsold items in their original condition after the campaign has ended, for a full refund. 

More Helpful Information
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